Renee Paquette Hopes To See More Talent Get New Opportunities In Wrestling This Year

Renee Paquette is excited to see the potential options for talent in the growing landscape of professional wrestling. 

Paquette spoke with WrestleZone and was asked about what she’d like to see in the world of professional wrestling the rest of this year, whether it’s as a performer or fan. At first joking that she’d “love for my husband to stop doing death matches”, Paquette says she really just wants to see people get new opportunities in the business, no matter what the scale or promotion is.

“I mean, I think it’s just seeing more people get opportunities. I actually saw Buddy Murphy tweet about this, about Elimination Chamber, how it was all former champions in the chamber, and [saying] maybe we should put some future champions in there. So I think giving some more people some opportunities, you know the depth of the roster at both AEW and at WWE and you know there are so many people there that again, if they’re given the ball, they can really succeed. There are certain people, I wanna see Mercedes Martinez show up, I wanna see what she’s gonna do next, I wanna see what Mia Yim’s got up her sleeve,” Paquette explained. “I think just seeing more of those opportunities. Maybe like Taya Valkyrie [now Franky Monet], like seeing what she’s gonna do. And then even I think for the women’s division in AEW, I think I wanna see that continue to expand.”

Pauqette said she’s enjoyed seeing the spotlight put on talent in new ways, adding that it’s such an interesting time to see where people end up next due to all of the potential options performers have now.

“That’s always something that I’m like, ‘oh, what’s gonna happen? Who’s gonna sign here?’ It’s such an interesting time in wrestling to see these opportunities and it’s not been like that for so long, so it’s really cool for me to see either people I’ve admired from afar or people that I’ve even friends with for a long time,” Paquette explained, “seeing them be able to really make some decisions on their own and sort of navigate their careers differently than they might have been able to do five years ago, so it’s really cool.”

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