IMPACT Wrestling Results (5/20/21)

IMPACT Wrestling

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Tonight on IMPACT Wrestling, we get the complete fallout from the Under Siege PPV as Moose became the #1 Contender for Kenny Omega’s IMPACT World Title.


May 20, 2021, Nashville, TN

Commentary: Matt Striker & D’Lo Brown


Rohit Raju (with Shera) vs. Jake Something

Bell ring and Something immediately sends Rohit out with a forearm, but a bait and switch by Shera causes Raju to take control. That stops quite abruptly when Raju gets body tackled. The fight goes to the outside, but as Raju distracts the ref in the ringg as he recovers, Shera headbutts Jake. A borderline low kick from Raju gets a pin attempt, but that’s it.

Raju maintains control and chokes Jake on the mat before attempting a suplex, but Jake has too much of a base. A hammer and sickle downs Raju. Running double axes followed by a right-handed haymaker. He then catches Raju with a charging shoulder press in the corner for a two count. Something pulls a page from the late Brodie Lee with a spinning lariat for a near fall.

Raju hits a running knee and then a running boot in the corner. He hits a leaping flatliner for a near fall and locks in a crossface. Jake powers himself up and hammer slugs Raju’s chest. He picks Raju up for a suplex but Shera grabs Something’s foot and holds it as Raju collapses on him. Shera ducks and holds onto the foot of Something as the ref counts: 1-2-3.

WINNER: Jake Something

Post-match, Something is pissed and takes it out on Shera. Raju watches from the stage and the announcers make note of his not helping. Jake nails Shera with a chair before sending him in the ring along with a table. He leans it in the corner and then spears Shera through it. Raju yells at his former opponent.

After being retired for a decade, Taylor Wilde is gunning for the Knockouts TItle and she’s going to bring Deonna a symphony of pain. Tenille Dashwood and Kaleb with K come in to reveal that she’s got a singles match against Kiera Hogan. She also says how much the Knockouts Tag Titles will help Taylor’s bid for the singles gold, but Wilde makes it clear she doesn’t like the way Tenille cheated at Under Siege. She also makes it clear for Kaleb to stop Facetiming her, she won’t pick up.

Rachael Ellering and Jordynne Grace are upset that they lost the Knockout Tag belts to Fire and Flava and Jordynne Grace is gonna talk to Scott D’Amore about fixing that.


Kiera Hogan  (with Tasha Steelz) vs. Tenille Dashwood (with Kaleb)

Kier starts out ofn the offensive until Tenille catches her with a double-underhook suplex. Tenille catches Kiera in the corner with a tarantula before giving her a guillotine neckbreaker over the rope for two. Kiera kicks Tenille and we head to break.

Back from it, Kiera still has control of the bout. She chokes Tenille in the corner with her boot before giving her a chinlock. The finish comes when Tenille superkicks Kiera and rolls her up for the win.

WINNER: Tenille Dashwood

Post match, Tasha attacks Tenille and out comes Susan, Kimber Lee and Deonna. This prompts Taylor Wilde to come out for the save, but the chaos is all over. Havok comes out to save the two underdogs. Decay enter from behind and the three heels have to bail over the barricades

Gia Miller is with Fin Juice and they’ll be defending their titles against Madman Fulton and Ace Austin. They have defied the odds and they will continue to. Juice notes that they’re heading back to Japan tomorrow and there’s going to be a line waiting around the block for these belts, but they aren’t looking past Austin and Fulton.


VSK vs. Petey Williams

Petey is full-on offense against VSK and flourishes it all with a leaping hurricanrana off the top. That is until VSK nails a nice jumping tornado DDT. He drops some knees for a cover and it gets a two count. Big bodyslam into a splash for another near fall. Running low uppercut to the back of Petey’s head for two. Petey battles back and snap Germans VSK. Running shotgun dropkick. VSK attempts some counters, but Petey hits a side Russian for a close W, but not quite yet. He goes for the Destroyer, but VSK turns it into a backbreaker.

Petey ends up getting the W after a snap powerbomb and then hits the original destroyer for the W.

WINNER: Petey Williams

What prompted Rich Swann to return at Under Siege? At Rebellion, he lost and not only did he feel that pain physically, but he felt it mentally. He’s been watching IMPACT week in and week out, and he sees W. Morrissey trying to do the same thing that Omega has. He’s not down with that. In comes Morrissey to slug Swann and Gia screams. He continues to attack, sending Rich through some backstage doors.

TJP is on a roll at Swinger’s Palace and so is Fallah Bahh…dressed as a Swingerella to pay off his debt owed. TJP says he needs his tag partner back and Bahh seems game. Enter Petey Williams who wants to set up a match between those two against himself and Josh Alexander. Decay flashes in before flashing back out after a brief confrontation with Hernandez.

Moose comes out to the IMPACT Zone. He runs down a list of names that Kenny Omega has defeated including Okada, Jericho and Moxley. He’s a different evil however. Moose starts making some Greek mythology analogies. He says none of those Gods could climb the top of Mount Olympus. He says IMPACT is his Mount Olympus. Out comes Don Callis and Kenny. Callis notes of Moose’s athleticism. He even says he might be the most physically talented person in all of pro wrestling. Even with all that talent, he can’t just think he’s going to come in there and take Kenny out. “You couldn’t even win a title in Ring of Honor,” Callis laughs. Heck, how many Super Bowls have he won? He’s gonna do what he did both in wrestling and in football – come up short. Moose threatens Callis, but Kenny fires back. As decorated as an athlete he is, all it takes is a One-Winged Angel. Moose wants to see him try. Here comes the Big LG. Suddenly, Sami Callihan flashes in and The Elite bail.

After the break, Moose makes it clear backstage that he didn’t need Sami’s help. Sami knows he didn’t, but he’s sick of Omega and The Good Brothers running rough shot over “his” company.


Rachael Ellering vs. Jordynne Grace

The two shake hands before grappling. Headlock takeover by Jordynne. Ellering turns it into a head scissors. Reset. The match turns very slow-paced and very fundamental, with arm wringers being a highlight. Frustration soon kicks in the women have one another well-read. Jordynne trips Ellering up and we head to break.

Back from it, Jordynne has Rachael grounded. Thrusts in the corner to Ellering. Jumping clothesline for a cover and a two count. Jordynne goes for a full nelson, but she doesn’t have a complete grip. Rachael frees herself by jamming Jordynne in the corner. Grace covers her after a knockdown. Two count. Rachael hits three quick moves with a senton and gets a near fall. Jordynne soon fires back with some running knees. She goes for a Vader Bomb but misses. Rachael rolls her up for a near fall. The two keep trading pin attempts until it is Rachael Ellering flipping Grace over for the three count.

WINNER: Rachael Ellering

Post-match, Rachael extends a hand and the two embrace. Striker notes that it didn’t seem heartfelt.

Brian Myers takes exception to be called “Bad Mood Brian” but furthers that by attacking Matt Cardona backstage.


IMPACT World Tag Team Championships

Ace Austin & Madman Fulton vs. Fin Juice (c)

Finlay and Ace start it off but Austin swiftly tags in Madman. Finlay tries with Fulton, but gets flung into his corner. Juice tags in. He hammers away at Madman, but Fulton levels him with a shoulder tackle. Fin Juice find that window with some team chemistry but that changes when Madman vaults Finlay into the challenger’s corner. Ace comes in to attack, but tandem offense by FJ downs Ace for a Juice senton. They flapjack Madman and send him outside. We go to break.

Ace and Madman regain control after Madman lariats Juice on the outside and when we get back in the ring, Ace papercuts Juice on the hand. Madman stomps on that very hand. Juice finds the opportunity with a snapmare into a Booker T sidekick. Finlay gets knocked off the apron and Juice can’t make the tag. Madman tries to send Austin into Juice, but Juice evades and tag to Finlay who is on fire. He takes out Madman with a dive to the outside before setting sights on Ace. Modified backbreaker for a two count.

Tandem offense takes out Ace and Juice jabs at Madman. He picks him up on his shoulders, but Fulton frees himself to slam Juice down for an Ace pin attempt. Two count.

Ace hits a Miz corner clothesline before tagging in Madman with a pinning belly-to-back suplex. Two count. Running headbutt by Madman. He puts Juice up in a chokeslam and Austin blockbusters him. Finlay just makes the save in the last moment. Finlay fights back with a stunner in the corner to Fulton before suplerplexing Ace. A backbreaker elbow double team for Ace. Juice goes for a Doomsday Device, but Madman rakes the eyes. Nonetheless, with some help from Finlay Juice hits his finisher on Fulton for the 1-2-3.

WINNERS and STILL IMPACT World Tag Team Champions: Fin Juice

Post-match, VBD comes out. Eric Young presents Rhino’s “Call Your Shot” Trophy he won a ways back. They’re cashing in. It’s Doering & Rhino vs. Fin Juice for the IMPACT Tag Titles.

The two make quick work of Fin Juice with Doering getting the emphatic pinfall.

WINNERS and NEW IMPACT World Tag Team Champions: Violent By Design