Raquel Gonzalez Retains NXT Women’s Title After Hard-Hitting Match With Mercedes Martinez

Raquel Gonzalez

Image Credit: WWE

Raquel Gonzalez holds onto her NXT Women’s Championship after a hard-hitting affair with Mercedes Martinez.

Gonzalez andMartinez h ad a back and forth battle and Martinez sure showed some grit as she took it to the taller adversary, even sending her down hard on the outside with a spear on the apron. Raquel, however, drops Mercedes’ neck over the top rope after a powerbomb attempt and then rams her into the ring post. Gonzalez continues her roll with a harsh backbraker, but Mercedes does free herself from Raquel’s one-armed bomb to hit a fisherman’s buster for a near fall. Gonzalez does get her well-earned title reign when she levels Martinez with a big boot and then hits her one-armed bomb for the clean 1-2-3. Dakota Kai was at ringside, but did not meddle in the match.

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