Humberto Carrillo Suffers Apparent Injury In Loss To Sheamus

humberto carrillo

Photo Credit: Bill Pritchard

A match between Humberto Carrillo and Sheamus came to an abrupt ending during this week’s episode WWE RAW, as Carrillo seeminly suffered an injury late in the match.

Taking on the WWE United States Champion in a non-title match, Carrillo and Sheamus went back-and-forth for most of the bout. But toward the end of the contest, Carrillo set Sheamus up on the outside of the ropes and hit a slingshot sunset-flip powerbomb onto the floor. In the process, it looked as if something might have happened to Carrillo, as his knee buckled a bit and both superstars hit the ground hard. Sheamus painfully landed on top of Carrillo, leading many fans to worry about the underdog’s status.

With Carrillo and Sheamus both down, the referee checked on both men before calling off the match, stopping it and giving the victory to Sheamus. No information on whether Carrillo is legitimately hurt has been revealed, so for now fans are left hoping that everything is okay.

WrestleZone will provide more details as they become available.

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