IMPACT Wrestling Results (5/6/21)

IMPACT Wrestling

Credit: IMPACT Wrestling

Tonight on IMPACT Wrestling, the #1 Contender qualifying matches continue as James Storm takes on Moose. In addition to that, El Phantasmo debuts out of NJPW.


May 6, 2021, Nashville, TN

Commentary: Matt Striker & D’Lo Brown


Under Siege Qualifying Match

Chris Sabin (with James Storm) vs. Rhino (with Violent By Design)

Sabin starts with an arm wringer and Rhino soon has to bail and reassess. He gets welcomed by a head scissors takedown. His momentum gets thwarted when Deaner trips him up behind the official’s back. Rhino hammers away at Sabin in the corner and maintains control with a neck wrench.

Everything gets leveled out when both men collide heads. Reverse mule kick by Sabin and soon a Manhattan drop followed by and enziguri. RHino on the outside and Sabin dives on top of him. Back in the ring, Sabin smacks a missile dropkick for a pin attempt. Deaner hops up on the apron and Rhino gives Sabin a thumb to the eye.

Rhino goes for the Gore and Sabin cradles him up for the 1-2-3. Sabin qualifies along with Chris Bey, Sami Callihan and Matt Cardona.

WINNER: Chris Sabin

Brian Myers is irate at losing to Matt Cardona, but is interrupted by Rosemary (along with a glitchy screen). She lays some cards on the table (literally) and in comes in Black Taurus to knock him down (also literally). They lay a tarot card on him before walking off.

Kenny is backstage with The Good Brothers. He says he’s going to accompany Doc and Karl at ringside.


Susan (with Kimber Lee) vs. Taylor Wilde

Taylor shows her amazing athleticism to start it all off until Susan drop toe holds her over the bottom rope. She distracts Brian Hebner while Kimber Lee strangles her. Out come Tenille Dashwood and Kaleb with a K. Taylor hits a headscissor takeover on Susan. German suplex and Susan rolls out. High-risk rana to the floor by Wilde, Kimber goes to attack Wilde, but Kaleb & Tenille stop her. Wilde suplexes Susan and gets the W.

WINNER: Taylor Wilde

Post-match, Kaleb and Tenille go to celebrate with her, but Taylor ain’t having it.

Gia Miller is backstage with Deonna Purrazzo. She asks why she hasn’t been accompanying her friends at ringside. She doesn’t like what Gia is implying that she’s afraid of Taylor. Rosemary, Crazzy Steve and Havok enter. They think otherwise. Havok pressures her into a title match. Deonna pitches that Havok battles Rosemary and she will face the winner before the champ scurries off to talk to Scott D’Amore (supposedly).

We see W. Morrissey. You used to see one half of a catchphrase. He says that fans were the first to criticize and everyone in the business showed their true colors. He made himself bigger and badder than ever. He did it all himself and now he has his sets sight on Willie Mack at Under Siege.


Under Siege Qualifying Match

Rohit Raju (with Shera) vs. Trey Miguel

Trey has the advantage to start the match off, but Rohii goes outside to gather his composure and allow Shera to provide a barrier.

Back in the ring, they are in test of strength. Trey attempts to disorient Raju, but Rohit hits a back elbow and we head to break.

Back from break, Rohit is in control and hits a rolling DDT for a near fall. Rohit begins to work the left arm of Trey. Miguel nails him with a forearm, but Rohit hits a leaping flatliner. Trey fights back and backflip double stomps on Raju. Both men are down.

Back on their feet, Trey catches Raju with a Northern Lights suplex and does a painful looking hammerlock. Back in the corner, Raju hits a rolling DDT off the corner, he then drops him with a slam and goes for a crossface. Trey soon saves himself with small package. He hits a hip disconnector  and cinches in his Hourglass submission for the win. Trey qualifies!

WINNER: Trey Miguel

Post-match, Something comes out and slugs Shera and begins to attack Raju. He throws Rohit into Shera and this all stems from Raju’s interference in his match last week.

We are in Swinger’s Casino and Alisha Edwards is almost out of chips. Swinger offers her a job opportunity. Miguel comes in and notes that he just qualified. Ryder, Bey and Sabin all stake their claim. Bey tries to cause a rift between Storm and Sabin. “It ain’t gonna happen,” states Storm. Bey pesters, so Storm says he doesn’t need Sabin ringside. He then makes it clear to Bey after he beats Moose, it’s gonna be him and The Cowboy come Under Siege.


Doc Gallows (with Karl Anderson, Don Callis & Kenny Omega) vs. Juice Robinson (with Dave Finlay)

Gallows headbutts and gouges the eye of Juice. He continues to go after the eye, but Juice corners him for a ten punch. Running lariat and running cannonball from Juice. He jabs, but Gallows gets him with an uppercut. Juice tumbles to the floor. Doc waits, but gets Robinson back in the ring.Doc wears him down in the corner. Massive elbow drop by Doc, but Juice kicks out. He bites Juice on the face like a Florida man on bath salts. Sleeper hold,

Big boot by Doc for another two count. He goes for the eyes again. Chin lock. Juice downs Doc and when both get to their feet, Juice nails him with a low dropkick. Short DDT for two. More jabs from Juice. A left hand downs Doc. Karl hops on the apron, so does Kenny and so does Don. He knocks Kenny and Karl off. Doc full nelson slams Juice down. Big bicycle kick followed by Doc’s sit-out chokeslam for the W.

WINNER: Doc Gallows

Post-match, they all gang up on Fin Juice. In comes Eddie Edwards to help, but the three men beat Eddie down too.

Gia approaches Deonna, Kimber Lee and Susan who are all leaving. Who else approaches them but D’Amore who reveals that she didn’t find him earlier. He books the match that she was supposed to pitch earlier: Havok vs. Rosemary for the #1 Contendership for the Knockouts Title.


VSK vs. El Phantasmo

El Phantasmo heelishly plays to the non-existent crowd in attendance. SOme good spots by both men start it off and it’s VSK who gets a good deal of the offense. Standing splash for a pin attempt. Phantasmo rakes the back. He puts VSK in a tree of woe. He nails VSK below the belt with a top rope stomp. Lionsault by Phantasmo for a two count. He picks VSK up for a burnerning hammer but VSK fires back and hits a knee to the back of Phantasmo’s head for a close fall. Savate kick by Phantasmo. Running superkick by VSK with a potentially loaded boot. He Undertaker pins VSK for the W.

WINNER: El Phantasmo


Kiera Hogan (with Tasha Steelz) vs. Rachael Ellering (with Jordynne Grace)

Tasha messed with Rachael to start things off and Kiera takes advantage. She smashes her in two turnbuckles before s kick to the kidney. She goes to smash her into her fourth corner, but Ellering one-arms Kiera into the post.

Rachael later goes for a suplex, but Kiera reverses. Kiera soon has a sleeper on Rachael who fights to her feet. The two women hit stereo strikes on one another. Dropkicks by Rachael before a running senton for two. Kiera later crashes into Rachael in the corner for some harsh attacks. Two count.

Rachael hit’s a spinning Bosswoman Slam for the 1-2-3.

WINNER: Rachael Ellering

Don Callis approaches Moose. He quotes famous football coach Jimmy Johnson. He says Moose is a star and he should be treated like one. He’s a five-tool athlete, he shouldn’t have to qualify for anything. Moose tells him to shut his mouth and walks off saying he has a message to go send (referring to his match).

Backstage, Fire & Flava have further confrontation with Grace and Ellering .They run down Grace’s abilities who then challenges Steelz to a match next week.


Under Siege Qualifying Match

Moose vs. James Storm

Moose grabs storm by the throat but Storm tries to shoulder tackle the big man down several times. It doesn’t work, but the two men trade shots. Storm sends Moose to the floor and slide boots him through the ropes and we head to break.

Storm hits a massive lariat to down Moose harshly. Moose does catch Storm’s leg over the rope while Cowboy is on the apron and cranks down on it. He begins to focus on the leg against the barricade. Storm tries to get to his feet but can’t. He’s stomping on Storm’s knee and ankle against the hard floor. Moose rolls in to break the count. He then rolls Storm into the ring only to slam his knee against the hard apron. Moose takes his time getting back in himself.

When he does, he stomps at Storm’s knee in the corner. Storm hits some right hands, but Moose dropkicks Cowboy’s knee. Moose picks him up and wraps Cowboy’s knee over the second rope before dropkicking it. Chops to Storm in the corner. Running dropkick to the knee. Outside toe hold and Moose uses the rope for leverage. Brian Hebner eventually forces him to break the hold. Moose pounds away at the knee of Storm on the mat. Storm once more fights to his feet, butgets pressed in the corner. He avoids a charging Moose and then boots him twice in the adjacent corner.

Sroem gives some right hands and then hits a THesz Press. Cowboy hits a Codebreaker, but that hurts Storm’s knee. Moose throws him in the corner for some knife edge chop action. Storm catches him for a tornado DDT from up top. He doesn’t get a complete cover and it’s only good for a two count. Storm picks up Moose and rolls him for sunset flip. Moose tackles the leg of Storm. Moose hooks a single leg crab. He punches the knee of Storm to add further pain, but Storm makes it to the ropes for a break.

Moose attempts a superplex, but Storm catches him in position for the Eye of The Storm, but his leg gives out. Moose goes for his spear, but Storm hits his Last Call superkick before writhing in pain. Hebner is tempted to ring the bell to stop the match, but Storm doesn’t want that, he turns around and gets speared. 1-2-3. Moose qualifies for Under Siege.


Post-match, Moose wedges a chair on Storm’s knee and stomps on it. Moose screams in pain. Out comes Sabin to check on his friend.