Moose Says His IMPACT Wrestling Contract Expires In June, Wants A World Championship Run Before Then

Photo Credit: Bill Pritchard

Moose has revealed when his IMPACT contract is up but says there is still one thing he wants to do before he is fully done with the promotion.

Moose has held a couple of championships in IMPACT but the ones that are tied to his legacy are now defunct or merged with the present-day World Championship. Setting the record straight on Twitter, Moose says that his contract with the promotion will end in June and he wants a run as IMPACT Wrestling World Champion before his deal expires.

For the majority of the last year, Moose was walking around with the TNA World Heavyweight Championship and did have it recognized as a proper World Title only right before he lost it to Rich Swann and the titles were merged.

Currently, the title is held by Kenny Omega who is under contract to a completely different promotion, AEW. Omega is slated to team with Gallows and Anderson on Saturday, May 15 against Eddie Edwards and FinJuice.

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