MSK Got Permission From X-Pac To Use The Bronco Buster, He Was Honored That They Continued His Legacy


Photo Credit: WWE

MSK wanted to honor X-Pac in doing his signature Bronco Buster, and they recalled how they asked him permission to use the move.

The NXT Tag-Team Champions, Wes Lee and Nash Carter aka MSK, recently appeared on Sean ‘X-Pac’ Waltman’s “Pro Wrestling 4-Life” podcast to publicly offer up the story of how they gained permission from the WWE Hall of Famer to use the maneuver.

“Funny story…so the very first time that we met Mr. Sean Waltman, we came up to him and we let him know that we do the Bronco Buster and we let him know that we do it in honor of him and as a tribute,” Wes Lee explained. “We asked if we could do it on the show, like with him, on the same show and he was very honored, he definitely voiced that he’s humbled and honored that we wanted to continue the life of the Bronco Buster…but at the same time he was like look, ‘I gotta do this tonight’ and we completely understood.”

“Here’s how I picture that it went for me, I was like hey man, I’m honored, I appreciate that you guys are doing that as a tribute or whatever…but I got like four or five moves…and that’s one of them, you guys understand, right?” Waltman joked.

“We completely understand because if you would’ve said like don’t do any of my stuff at all, we would’ve taken the move completely out of our move-set,” said Lee. “Respect is a very big thing to us and that’s one of the reasons that we work as hard as we do…we want the respect of our peers and of the fans as well because of how much we dedicate ourselves to this and you’re a veteran, you’re one of the people that we looked up to and if you said hey, don’t, we would’ve been like okay, cool, no longer.”

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