MJF Throws Chris Jericho Off Of The Cage, The Pinnacle Wins ‘Blood & Guts’

MJF Blood And Guts

Image Credit: All Elite Wrestling

The highly-anticipated Blood & Guts Match closed the show on AEW Dynamite this week. In a bloody, brutal clash between The Inner Circle and The Pinnacle, MJF’s faction emerged victorious, but the winners added insult to injury after the bell. 

The match began with Sammy Guevara and Dax Harwood. From there, the match started to incorporate one member of each faction until every member was locked inside the caged double-ring setup. The contest could only end after every superstar had entered, so for a majority of the main event, the battle was quite hectic.

The two teams clearly despised each other, and this disdain was evident throughout the bout. Both factions used anything they could get their hands on as weapons, including each other. As the fight began to wind down, though. MJF climbed on top of the cage and Chris Jericho followed him. The two stars began to brawl on top of the steel structure, but MJF snuck his Dynamite Diamond ring on and slugged Jericho with it.

MJF then dragged Jericho, helpless and bloodied, to the edge of the cage and began screaming down that he would throw him off the structure unless The Inner Circle surrendered. Sammy Guevara refused to let that happen, so he surrendered on behalf of the team and gave The Pinnacle the win. Of course, MJF had no intention of saving Jericho, as he shoved his rival off the cage anyway, sending him crashing down and through the stage to end the show. 

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