Jessie Godderz Meets Mitch McConnell

Jessie Godderz

Credit: Matt Jones

Much of the United States would love to body slam Senate leader Mitch McConnell and he’s flying close to the sun as he happened to meet two OVW stars, one of which happens to be OVW National Heavyweight and Tag Team Champion, Jessie Godderz.

Godderz along with Luscious Lawrence met the Republican out of Kentucky as the two stars were in Louisville to promote Mr. PEC-Tacular Night tomorrow at the Davis Arena.

“With @LeaderMcConnell and @TheLusciousBaby at the studios of my CBS’ @WKYT fam. #STOKED,” Godderz Tweeted out. “Lawrence and I are here to promote Mr. PEC-Tacular Night @ovwrestling on Louisville TOMORROW at DAVIS ARENA!”

MSN stated the photo featuring McConnell as folllows: “The confusing image was posted to Twitter on the heels of other much-talked-about political photos recently snapped and shared.”

OVW has been making waves as one of the growing promotions in wrestling with Al Snow steering the ship.

“He’s in a really good place because he’s had that experience and is young enough and physically fit enough to where all those tools can fit together and given the right opportunity, Jessie could have a great run for somebody because he’s developed, he really understands now, the who he is,” Snow said about his National Champion.

You can catch it all tomorrow night on FITE TV.

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