Sammy Guevara: It Hasn’t Always Been Easy To Have Me In AEW, But Tony Khan Believes In Me

Photo Credit: All Elite Wrestling

Sammy Guevara‘s career with All Elite Wrestling hasn’t been the smoothest ride. “The Sexy Spanish God” has provided some great matches and memorable moments, but he’s also been involved in varying incidents, ranging from his controversial remarks about Sasha Banks to his reported rejection of IMPACT Wrestling’s plans for him.

In a recent interview with Inside The Ropes, Guevara looked back on these undesirable circumstances and shared his perspective on them. For example, he reflected on how fans labeled him as “unsafe” after he accidentally cut Matt Hardy with a chair shot.

“That was unfortunate, for sure,” said Guevara. “Matt is—I got nothing but respect for him. He was so hell-bent on making sure we ended it the right way. With the chair spot itself, it’s wrestling. At the end of the day, stuff happens. Matt Hardy’s been around a long time, he knows this stuff kinda happens. It is what is was. It’s unfortunate, he had a scar, I got a scar now too. It just so happened [that] a couple things happened in this feud. But Matt’s the man. Nothing but respect for that guy.”

As a fan who grew up watching Matt and his brother, Jeff star in WWE, Guevara explained that he felt terrible after this problematic chair shot.

“My heart sank, man because it’s like, Matt’s the man, dude. I grew up loving those guys, Matt and Jeff. And then I’m in this feud with him, and I gave him a scar he might have for like the rest of his life. It’s really healed up, you could barely see it now. But for a couple months, every time I saw him, I’d just think like, ‘F—-, man, I did that to him.”

Guevara also expressed his gratitude toward Tony Khan for believing in him throughout these challenges. The Banks controversy, in particular, generated a lot of negative publicity and Guevara acknowledged the difficult spot that put Khan in.

“Tony Khan, of course, you know, there’s been a lot of moments where I’m sure it wasn’t the easiest to have Sammy Guevara on your roster, but you know, he believes in me and my capability,” said Guevara. “So I tell him, every time I go out there, I’m gonna try and make sure I give the people something good to watch because I feel like that’s my job.”

Along with the rest of the Inner Circle, Guevara competed in the buzzworthy Blood & Guts match on this week’s episode of AEW Dynamite.

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