Naomi Says Nobody Works Harder Than Lana, And ‘That’s Why She Has My Loyalty And My Commitment’

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Photo Credit: WWE

Naomi says no one can touch Lana when it comes to putting the work in.

Naomi and Lana were guests on The Bump this week to talk about their team and the growing chemistry the two have. Lana first talked about their work ethic and training with Natalya, claiming she and Naomi go the “extra hundred miles” to achieve their goals and no one will stop them. Naomi then praised Lana for her passion and drive, boasting that no one sees how much work she puts in and thinks that fans should get that chance more often.

“That’s another reason why I go hard for Lana and I wanted her as my partner because I can honestly say this; I feel like there is no one in our division who works and is more driven than her. I mean, she’s legit not home for months at a time because she doesn’t fly home,” Naomi said, “but instead, she stays in Tampa and trains and trains and trains, even to the point where I tell her, ‘You have to give yourself a break.’ But that’s just how committed she is, that’s how much she wants it and I don’t think that people really get to see that side of her as much.”

“We both get attacked for, ‘You dance too much!’ and ‘You should be focused on this’ but those little moments are just ten seconds of us dancing and happy. [The shows are] not focused on training, but maybe we should show that and expose it more of how much we train. We just like to practice [behind the scenes] and show [the fun side] in the ring, but nobody works harder than her,” Naomi explained, “and that’s why she has my loyalty and my commitment to this team. We’re going to achieve that goal. If it takes sixty years, we’ll be at 60 with those Tag Team Championships!”

Lana went on to talk about the reception she got arriving at Raymond James Stadium for WrestleMania 37 and said they want to do it all in and of the ring, with Naomi adding that they won’t be put in one box. 

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