WWE RAW Results (5/3/21)

Backstage, Humberto Carrillo is with Kayla. Carrillo says he isn’t going to let Sheamus bully him. Carrillo vows to accept all of Sheamus’ open challenges. Sheamus attacks Carrillo from behind. Sheamus says it doesn’t look like Carrillo will be in any condition to accept his challenge this week. There is always next week.

Backstage, Pearce and Deville argue. Pearce says they are supposed to be making decisions together. Deville eventually relents and agrees.

In-Ring Segment: The Miz and John Morrison

Miz complains about being pelted by rotten tomatoes by New Day and Damian Priest. Miz says he should be treated with more respect. Miz list all of his accomplishments. Miz says someone on his level shouldn’t be treated like this. Morrison is about to list his accolades but Miz cuts him off and keeps talking. Miz says Morrison has no choice but to take care of Damian Priest tonight.

John Morrison w/The Miz vs. Damian Priest

Priest floors Morrison with a kick. Morrison kicks out. Priest and Morrison trade submission attempts. Morrison almost hits the moonlight drive but Priest sends him out of the ring. After the break, Morrison is working over Priest. Priest and Morrison trade strikes. Morrison escapes the broken arrow. Priest lands a clothesline. Morrison kicks out. Priest goes up top. Miz distracts Priest. Morrison surprises Priest with a second rope Spanish fly. Priest kicks out. Miz accidentally distracts the referee while Morrison has Priest pinned. Priest Hits the Lights on Morrison for the win.

Winner- Damian Priest

Backstage, Pearce is with Mansoor. Mansoor signs his contract for Monday Night RAW. Sheamus walks in and brags about taking out Carrillo. Sheamus asks who Mansoor is. Mansoor introduces himself as a RAW Superstar like Sheamus. Sheamus laughs and asks Mansoor to take his open challenge tonight. Mansoor agrees.

Backstage, MVP suggests McIntyre and Lashley will end up teaming up at the PPV to take out Strowman. Just so they can have the 1:1 match they were supposed to.

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