WWE RAW Results (5/3/21)

Backstage, we join Sonya Deville and Charlotte Flair in conversation. Deville tells Flair that she understands her concern and will look into it. Pearce walks in and asks what that was about. Deville tells him it was nothing he needs to be worried about. Pearce tells Deville that she has been overstepping lately. Deville glares at Pearce with a sly smirk on her face as we fade to black.

Backstage, Kayla is with MVP and Lashley. Kayla says Strowman’s luck was on tonight since he won the coin toss to face Lashley tonight. MVP says Strowman should consider himself lucky or unlucky, depending on perspective, to have to be in the ring with Lashley. Tonight the Strowman express is going to get derailed by Lashley.

Backstage, Elias and Ryker find New Day backstage. Elias and Ryker toss tomatoes at New Day but they come to realize they hit Randy Orton as well. Orton is seething. Riddle rides by on his scooter and says hello as Orton is wiping tomato mush off his face.

Charlotte Flair vs. Dana Brooke

Flair tells Brooke that she is still her bitch. Brooke spins Flair in a flying head-scissors. Flair stuns Brooke on the top. Flair lands a boot. Brooke kicks out. Brooke lands an enziguri. Flair responds with a clothesline. Brooke almost rolls Flair up in a sunset flip but Flair puts on the breaks. Brooke fires up and lands two handspring elbows. Brooke goes up for a senton, which she actually hits. Flair kicks out. Brooke tries another handspring but Flair chop blocks her out of the air. Flair locks Brooke in the Figure-Eight. Brooke taps out.

Winner- Charlotte Flair

Flair refuses to release the hold. Rose breaks it up with a dropkick. Rose sends Flair flying out of the ring with a bicycle knee strike. Deville’s music hits and she powerwalks to the ring.

After the break. Flair complains to Deville about Asuka and Rhea Ripley having another match tonight. Flair says Ripley took her title match. Adding Flair to the title match at the PPV will make the match that much more important. Deville tries to walk away but Flair says she isn’t done talking. Flair says she is an influencer. She is THE influencer. Flair says the division needs her. The WWE Universe needs her. Flair deserves a match that matches her worth. Flair tells Deville to make a courageous decision. Flair keeps cutting Deville off. Deville says Flair makes a good argument. Deville makes the PPV title match a triple threat. Ripley interrupts and says no one likes Flair and she shouldn’t be in the match. Asuka joins the party and tells Deville this is bull crap. Asuka calls Flair a baby. Asuka says it doesn’t matter because she can beat Ripley and Flair. Ripley gets in Deville’s face. Flair attacks her from behind. Asuka dumps Flair out of the ring.

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