ROH Wrestling Results (5/3/21) TV Title Match, OGK In Action

The OGK (Matt Taven and Mike Bennett) vs. Beer City Bruiser and Ken Dixon

In a pre-match promo, Bennett tells Taven that Vincent is out of the picture, so they can focus on the ROH World Tag Team Championship now. Taven angrily addresses Beer City Bruiser and looks back on his vicious assault. (Bruiser hit Taven with a beer bottle a few months ago.)

Brian “Brawler” Milonas is on commentary for this match. Dixon takes the fight to Taven and gains the upper hand. Taven catches him with a dropkick. He dumps Dixon onto the ropes, and Bennett slams him onto the apron. Bennett tags in and chops Dixon. Bruiser tags in and rocks Bennett with a punch to the face. He and Dixon isolate Bennett, but The OGK rallies. Taven clears house after Bruiser takes too long to scold Dixon for making a rookie mistake. Taven plants Bruiser with a neckbreaker. Taven dodges Bruiser when he tries to sit on him, and he hits the knee.

The OGK double-teams Bruiser and hits him with a flurry of combined offense. Bennett drops Bruiser with a Brainbuster, but the big man slams Taven. Dixon slams the former world champion, but he pulls him up from a pin. Bennett tags in and hits a over-the-shoulder jaw-breaker for the three count.

Winners: The OGK

Taven smashes a beer bottle over Bruiser’s head after the match.

Milonas confronts Taven and Bennett and says that attack was uncalled for. He then checks on Bruiser after the match. Milonas tells his partner he was right all along. He then beats down Dixon, much to Bruiser’s delight. The Bouncers embrace and officially reunite.

ROH World Television Championship: Tracy Williams (c) vs. Tony Deppen

Deppen and Williams feel each other out with technical holds. Deppen matches the champion every step of the way, and the match is a stalemate early on. After a rope break, Deppen reminds Williams that this isn’t a Pure Rules Match. He then curses at “Hot Sauce,” and the disrespect motivates the champion to drill his challenger with a flurry of strikes.

Williams wrenches Deppen in a Gory Special position and takes him down to the mat. Deppen stomps Williams’ neck. The two competitors exchange stiff blows on the apron. Deppen takes Williams down with a dive to the outside. A crossbody gives the challenger more momentum. Williams floors Deppen with a face-buster onto the turnbuckle. The competitors are still evenly matched and they keep trading blows. A strike to the face and a modified Cattle Mutilation nearly earns Deppen the win, but Williams reached the ropes.

A Piledriver earns Williams a two count because Deppen reaches the ropes. Williams, infuriated, strikes Deppen, and he asks for more. Deppen traps Williams’ arm and pins him for the win.

Winner and new ROH World Television Champion: Tony Deppen

Violence Unlimited celebrates Deppen’s triumph.

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