ROH Wrestling Results (5/3/21) TV Title Match, OGK In Action

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ROH Wrestling Results 

Aired April 30, 2021

Report by Colin Tessier for

Quinn McKay welcomes viewers and previews the show. She reminds everyone that she’ll be facing Angelina Love in a match next week.

Bandido vs. Flamita 

In a pre-match promo, Flamita says he doesn’t care whether this match will solve the tensions that have been hindering MexiSquad. Meanwhile, Bandido explains that he thinks this match will fix the tension in his relationship with Flamita.

The two men go right at each other with some fast-paced offense. The competitors match each other step for step. Flamita talks some trash and hits a dropkick. He dives onto Bandido outside the ring. A few tosses into the barricade firmly give Flamita the upper hand. He gets a two count with a running boot in the corner. Bandido rallies with corkscrew dive off the top rope and another dive to the outside. Bandido slams Flamita’s leg into the ring post several times and grabs a broom. He then hits Flamita’s knee with the household item and stomps on the injured knee.

Flamita regains control of the match, and the two men battle on the barricade. Bandido takes Flamita down with a hurricanrana from the barricade to the floor. Both men return to the ring to narrowly avoid a double countdown. The friends-turned-rivals trade blows, and Bandido gets a near fall with a crucifix driver. Flamita gets a two count of his own with a 450 splash. Bandido wrenches Flamita’s hurt knee with a knee-bar. The two men drill each other with slaps, chops, and kicks. A pop-up cutter seemingly gives Bandido the advantage, but Flamita gets right up and drops Bandido with a superkick.

Bandido hits a springboard hurricanrana. He accidentally hits the referee during his X-knee signature move. Flamita capitalizes with a low blow and immediately pins Bandido for the tainted victory.

Winner: Flamita

Flamita steps on Bandido on his way out of the ring.

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