New Ring Of Honor World Television Champion Crowned On ROH Wrestling

ring of honor

A new Ring of Honor World Television Champion has been crowned.

On this weekend’s episode of ROH Wrestling, Tony Deppen won the title by defeating Tracy Williams in a singles match. The contest represented a clash between Violence Unlimited and The Foundation, two of Ring of Honor’s dynamic stables.

Williams’ reign began at the ROH 19th Anniversary pay-per-view in March, where he defeated Kenny King.

Deppen didn’t exactly shy away from the news about his victory. He responded to a fan’s tweet about the title change and clarified that he’s still an independent wrestler, so the gold might be travelling around with him while he works in other promotions.

Ironically, in a recent interview with WrestleZone, Deppen pointed to a match he had with Williams approximately a year ago as one of his personal favorites:

“I would easily go out and pick a match I had with ‘Hot Sauce’ Tracy Williams at GCW about a year ago, a couple of years ago. There was a lot of aggression and it was just brutal. He beat the hell out of me,” Deppen said, “but I had fun with it and I gave it back. I really emphasized my facial expressions and just the aggression that I bring.”

“That’s what I like. I don’t mind Pure wrestling—don’t get me wrong, I enjoy it—but I don’t feel like it would suit me the best if that’s what my entire demographic was based off of when I came into wrestling. I hate the term, but what I’d like to be is a ‘hybrid’ wrestler, because I like to wrestle, but then I also like to do strong style. If I want to get spotty, I can get spotty,” Deppen explained. “I try and combine it all into what I do and not just do little sections and layers of those specific genres of wrestling.”