Eric Bischoff Says The WWE Talent Relations Position ‘Sucks’, Talks IMPACT-AEW Relationship

eric bischoff

Photo by Slaven Vlasic/Getty Images for SiriusXM

Eric Bischoff is a well-known personality in the professional wrestling industry and recently became a WWE Hall of Famer.

Speaking on the 83 Weeks podcast, Bischoff went into detail about the WWE Talent Relations department along with the recent firing of Mark Carrano. Bischoff said, “I’m not defending anybody in the talent relations position previously, now or in the future, but that job sucks. You are going to be in a crossfire 24 hours a day. On a good day, if you’re surrounded by 100 people, you’re probably going to piss off 50% of them, and you’ll make the other 50% of them happy. It’s a tough tough gig, I don’t envy it.”

He continued by saying “Obviously Jim Ross could speak volumes and probably has and will in the future and reference his time in talent relations. But you’re stuck between Vince McMahon, budgets, all the departments and all of the people that want access to talent 24 hours a day, 7 days a week and then you have to keep talent happy too. I don’t envy anybody that’s ever been in that job or ever will be. It sucks.”

Bischoff transitioned into talking about the relationship that IMPACT and AEW currently have, revealing that he thinks IMPACT will be worse off when it comes to an end. He said, “I understand what their thinking might have been. If you’re Impact and you’re delivering 130,000 viewers a week, which is basically a YouTube video and you have an opportunity to get your product and your brand on a much higher profile network with 4-5 times the audience you have, why wouldn’t you do that? I get that, there’s nothing wrong with the logic, but what have the dividends been so far? Has Impact’s ratings gone up week after week after week after week?”

Continuing, he said “Who has benefited? Not just jerking yourself off, making yourself feel good for a decision that you’ve made or support or a fan of, but in terms of numbers, how is this benefiting anybody? Or is it really diluting AEW in particular in my opinion and not really helping Impact because when the AEW component of this eventually goes away, what do you have left? Less than you started with because you’ve been building your brand around something that’s only temporary.”

You can listen to the podcast below. Thanks to Wrestling Inc. for providing transcriptions on the 83 Weeks podcast.

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