Lance Storm Believes Young Bucks Are Doing A Tremendous Job As Heels

young bucks lance storm

Photo Credit: All Elite Wrestling

Lance Storm was a much different heel in comparison to what Matt & Nick Jackson currently are on AEW Dynamite, but the Impact Player knows good bad guys when he sees them.

Storm was on his Figure Four Daily radio with Bryan Alvarez and was asked about The Young Bucks being “Callis’ed” over as two of the company’s most unlikable individuals.

“They have such tremendous heel personalities,” Lance said, “Like just the smug look on their face when they come out, it’s like, ‘I want to kill these guys,’ and the cheesy headbands with the tassels on them with the obnoxious shoes that they’ve really done a great job.”

Lance notes that he’s primarily familiar with Nick and Matt’s work in AEW, but thinks The Bucks have evil’ed out their thrilling moveset by being people you just don’t want to root for.

“They’ve done a tremendous job in this transformation to be such obnoxious pricks that even though that they’re out there having these exciting with all these moves, I still genuinely hate them. So I think the heel turn has been quite good in that regard because it’s hard to be try to be that exciting and do so much cool shit and to be hated and I think they are finding the means by which to do it.”

Transcription credit should go to WrestleZone