Triple H Says A WWE Hall Of Fame Building Has Been Contemplated, But ‘It Has To Be Done Right’

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Photo Credit: WWE

Triple H says he wants a physical WWE Hall Of Fame venue to be more than just seeing some old items, hoping technology can push it to a new level whenever that time comes to build it.

Triple H was on the Cheap Heat Podcast last week and asked about the potential of a physical WWE Hall Of Fame being built. He explained that while it’s definitely something the company has discussed, it still needs to be done the right way. Pointing to the fact that they don’t want it to be outdated and don’t want people to lose interest in going, Triple H said (via Wrestling Inc) that his idea of a WWE Hall Of Fame would be an immersive experience that is more interactive and not solely focused on the exhibits themselves.

“For me to say it’s on the way makes it sound like we’re already building it. It is definitely something we’ve contemplated. It has to be done right. It’s funny, people go, ‘That would be fascinating to go to to see somebody’s old trunks.’ Hall of Fames like that, physical Hall of Fames and museums like that tend to be money pits and not do well because over time, people lost interest. You need to make it something more,” Triple H said, “and I think if it was interactive with technology the way that it is now.”

“There are those objects and things that people can see and be wowed by, but also, there’s reasons to keep going back. I’m of the opinion that that needs to be more than a thing you go to one time and go, ‘That was neat. I saw some boots’ but more of a you got to go see this. I was there. There’s a virtual this. There’s a 3D that. There’s a technology that takes you to another level like Disney where you go see these incredible things,” he explained, “but also have these mind-blowing experiences around WWE, and you can spend the day there. You can go there and meet some legends and see people doing Q and A’s and maybe it’s part of our developmental where there’s matches happening. There’s a lot of thought being put into it and a lot of being put around it. If you were to say, and it’s not, clearly, my final decision always, but if you were to say, is that something that I am bullish about doing in the future? Absolutely.”

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