Pat McAfee Says Being Produced By Vince McMahon Is Like Having The Actual Voice Of God In His Ear

Pat McAfee

Photo Credit: WWE

Pat McAfee has had a divine experience on SmackDown.

McAfee was a recent guest on Just Gettin’ Started with Rich Eisen and talked about his new role as a commentator on SmackDown. Eisen talked about how WWE seemed like a natural fit for McAfee, who was complimentary of Michael Cole’s work and went on to talk about the dynamic of having Vince McMahon produce him on the show. It was previously noted that McAfee didn’t meet McMahon when he took the job, but the former NFL star explained how McMahon is such an imposing presence on the headset.

“It’s insane! I’m sitting next to Michael Cole,” McAfee said, “I’ve got Vince McMahon dropping into my ear via headset, like an actual voice of God.”

Eisen asked him to clarify and McAfee explained how WWE commentators are produced on the show,

“Vince McMahon used to be a commentator and he’s still hands-on with everything, like if something changes with the show and he’ll come in to the commentators who are telling the story—the commentator’s job, there’s a real job, the commentating—Michael Cole is unbelievable at what he does, a Syracuse grad. He is an unbelievable talent at what he does, he has to direct and call, everything like that. But yeah, this last Friday night was my first SmackDown with Vince McMahon in the building,” McAfee explained, “and all the sudden out of nowhere, just boom, voice of God’s in there. I sat up and I’m like, ‘Oh my God, here we go!’”

“I’m getting a chance to hear a billionaire’s brain spill through his mouth into my ear while talking about his product that he created that’s become a global phenomenon,” McAfee said. “It was one of those moments where I was like, ‘This is dumbest life of all time. I should not be here, but let’s enjoy the ride while we have it.’”

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