Trey Miguel Says He Stayed In IMPACT Wrestling To Prove That He Belongs As A Top Guy

trey miguel

Photo Credit: IMPACT Wrestling

Originally, when the Rascalz were leaving IMPACT Wrestling, it was believed that they would all go to WWE NXT together. However, only two out of three showed up and they are now known as MSK and the current NXT Tag Team Champions.

Trey Miguel eventually resurfaced in IMPACT, a decision he says he made because it was what was best for his family at the time. Now, he is looking to prove that he can be a top guy in the company that chose to take a chance on him.

“The easy decision for me would have been to leave,” Miguel says to Sports Illustrated. “But I am really connected to Impact. As a teenager, I gravitated to TNA/IMPACT Wrestling because of the X Division. Back then, I had a really crappy television stand, so I had to literally stand in front of my TV for two hours, but I loved it so much.

“This is the first company to offer me a full-time television contract. I still have a lot to prove. I’m a firm believer you don’t leave the court without winning, and I want the X Division title. There is more of a story between me and Ace Austin. I chose to stick around and see it through.”

He continued, “I’m proving I belong in the upper echelon. I’m not here because I’m Sami’s opponent. I am proving I am going to be a top guy. This is my chance to prove I belong where I am. After Sunday, everyone’s going to believe it.”

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