Sonya Deville Defends Reinstating Charlotte Flair, Says Her Relationship With Adam Pearce Is Complicated

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Sonya Deville says people have it all wrong, and all she did was make a decision that was in WWE’s best interest.

Deville appeared on RAW Talk to defend the decision to reinstate Charlotte Flair after she was “suspended indefinitely” one week ago. Deville, who serves as an on-air advisor to Adam Pearce, said people need to see that she was just acting in WWE’s best interest and just wants to be fair.

“I feel like everyone is completely misunderstanding what I’m trying to do here. I call everything straight down the center. I have no bias towards anybody on either roster. I’m honestly here trying to do my job the best that I can, and I want everyone to have a fair opportunity. And I honestly thought Adam Pearce’s decision was a little rushed. He didn’t hear Charlotte out. He heard one side of the story and made a dramatic decision.

“Listen, it’s really complicated. You know how the show goes. It’s a complicated relationship. We communicate sometimes, sometimes it’s a last-minute thing and I have to pull the trigger and I have to trust myself.

When R-Truth noted that she had to step up, Deville agreed and said Charlotte is a star and taking her off of television is not a smart idea at the end of the day.

“Exactly. I don’t always have to answer to Adam Pearce, just like he doesn’t always answer to me. If there’s a last-minute decision that has to be made, I’m gonna step up and I’m going to do it. I don’t see how anybody sees it that way at all. I wasn’t undermining him at all. I was rushing around before the show and trying to get things done and I had to make a split-second decision. I went with my gut.”

Truth then said Sonya is human, and she agreed, saying there was an apology made and Charlotte being gone indefinitely was not a smart move. 

“She made an error, she apologized for it on national television in front of everybody and we went on with our business. At the end of the day, Charlotte Flair is one of the top superstars on Raw, why would you want her gone indefinitely? To me, as a business person, I don’t see how that’s a smart decision.”

Co-host Kevin Patrick asked why if that’s all true, was the referee then apologizing to Charlotte? Sonya said the apologies went around the ring, but everyone is all ‘Kum ba yah’ and they need to move on. In response to pitting Mandy Rose, her former ally, against Charlotte, Sonya just said it was about competition. Doubling down, she disagreed with the notion that there was still some bad blood left over after their match at SummerSlam last year. 

“Despite the history, despite the past, when I came back to SmackDown months ago, I said this is a different Sonya Deville. I’m not here to play the games I played last year. Last year was a long, rough year and I want a new page. I don’t want to go backward in time.”

This week on WWE RAW, Drew McIntyre and Braun Strowman clashed in an exciting main event, and Sonya Deville brought Charlotte Flair back to the ring.

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