Sonya Deville Reinstates Charlotte Flair, Humberto Carrillo Gets Revenge On Sheamus

sonya deville adam pearce

Image Credit: WWE

Sonya Deville Reinstates Charlotte Flair

During this week’s episode Monday Night RAW, Deville joined Flair in the ring, and the WWE Official said that Adam Pearce was hasty in suspending “The Queen” for attacking a referee. Deville then allowed Flair to apologize to both the referee and WWE management before she reinstated the superstar. Backstage, Pearce was clearly not happy about this turn of events, and he seemed to believe that Deville might be trying to usurp him as the leading authority figure.

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Humberto Carrillo Gets Revenge On Sheamus

Sheamus made his way out to the ring tonight at RAW and issued an open challenge for a non-title match. To Sheamus’ surprise, Humberto Carrillo answered the call. He stunned everyone by taking down the WWE United States Champion. Carrillo beat Sheamus up after he knocked him out of the ring and delivered a series of dropkicks anytime the champion tried to get back into the ring. He then hit a nasty suicide dive over the top rope that sent Sheamus flying over the announce desk.