Kimber Lee On Chyna Being Her Inspiration: Watching Her Beat Up Dudes Made Me Want To Be Like That

Credit: IMPACT Wrestling

Kimber Lee was inspired to beat dudes up, just like her idol Chyna.

IMPACT Wrestling Knockout, Kimber Lee recently appeared on the Women’s Wrestling Talk podcast and discussed how watching Chyna compete with male superstars inspired her to be a professional wrestler.

On Chyna fighting male superstars:

“I think it’s all just part of me. And it’s become part of what I like, being such a big advocate for intergender wrestling, for instance, that comes from watching Chyna beat up the dudes and be like, ‘I want to do that!’” Kimber Lee explained.

“[It’s] the empowerment of being taken just as seriously as a male competitor, because I feel like in wrestling, women have to work harder, because we’re underestimated and it’s ‘oh, you just want to get close to the guys with their shirts off…’ No, no we don’t. We want to be seen as athletes, we want to be seen as true competitors just as much as them, and I think that all comes from Chyna.

Using her dancing background as an advantage in the ring:

“Then just the elegance of some of the moves that’s there, I think comes from my dance [background] and it’s all become part of who I am, and I can’t not put it out there, I guess?, Kimber Lee continued.

“I feel like anybody who wrestles, it’s a way for us to put aspects of ourselves out there for the world to see, in an art—I think of wrestling more as an art form. So it’s an art form in our medium that works for us to be able to express ourselves, and we can’t do it any other way. I feel like that’s how I keep those inspirations in there, because it’s all part of my art. Like we’re stunt-athletes, we’re stunt-artists, that’s how I look at it.”

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