Deonna Purrazzo: Infusing More Women’s Wrestlers Would Be Mutually Beneficial To The Talent And IMPACT

deonna purrazzo

Photo Credit: IMPACT Wrestling

Deonna Purrazzo knows IMPACT Wrestling’s women’s division needs to continue to grow if they want to keep people invested.

Purrazzo recently spoke with WrestleZone and was asked about talent she’d like to see show up in IMPACT Wrestling as potential opponents. Purrazzo cited the Knockouts’ Women’s and Tag Team Championships as reasons for needing more roster depth, noting that she sees it happening and shared some names that might fit the bill. 

“Having more talent to continue to have both championships, mine and the Tag Team championship, consistently relevant on pay-per-views and in storylines [would benefit IMPACT.] And to have people really invested in all three [avenues], we need to continue to grow and I definitely foresee that happening. On the top of my list—I’d love for IMPACT to bring in Jodie Threat, Hyan, Rok-C, who I actually just got to wrestle for the first time over Mania weekend,” Purrazzo said, “and it was for the Knockouts Championship, so that was really cool. I love the Sea Stars and Willow Nightingale, so those are just some off the top of my head that I can think about, but I know there’s a lot of hungry, independent women out there that want an opportunity, to benefit from an opportunity and our division. We 100% could benefit from having them infused so those are just a few women that I can think of right now.”

Purrazzo, who successfully retained her title against Tenille Dashwood at Rebellion, also said her big picture goal is to break the record for a single title reign as Knockouts Champion. The record is currently held by Taya Valkyrie with 377 days, and at 166 days (and counting) Purrazzo said she feels like it’s within reach. 

Purrazzo was also asked for match picks, perhaps one that impressed her overall or one that fans should give a second look. The Virtuosa took time to praise the Josh Alexander vs. TJP match from the April 15 episode of IMPACT, then encouraged people to check out her own work with Madison Eagles from SHIMMER.

“Just from the IMPACT standpoint, I have enjoyed so much of what we’re doing with the X-Division right now. Watching even last night’s episode with TJP and Josh Alexander and they’ve had a multitude of matches and watching them all is kind of inspiring to me. In terms of women, I think my favorite match of mine is me vs. Madison Eagles in a submission match in Shimmer. I think it was in April of 2018, we had two series, one on Mania weekend in New Orleans and one the following week at Shimmer,” she explained, “and both of those were incredible learning experiences and ya know, stuff that I go back and watch and take things from. So, those two matches for sure, off the top of my head.”

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