Kenny Omega Defeats Rich Swann, Wins Another World Title At IMPACT Rebellion

In a historic main event, IMPACT World Champion Rich Swann faced AEW World Champion Kenny Omega in a title unification match. Omega walked away with the win, so he added another title to his collection.

Don Callis and the Good Brothers accompanied Omega to the ring. Willie Mack and Eddie Edwards stood in Swann’s corner. Aubrey Edwards (AEW) and Brian Hebner (IMPACT Wrestling) both officiated the match.

The champions felt each other out with technical holds early on. Though Omega controlled the match early on, Swann fired back with a dive to the outside. Swann rocked Omega with some stiff kicks to the back, but Omega dropped his opponent with a suplex onto the apron.

A buckle bomb and a neckbreaker gave Omega even more momentum. The AEW World Champion continued to ground Swann by targeting his back. But Swann countered a crusher with a handspring, a kick and a splash for a two count. Swann kept Omega on the ropes for a few minutes, and he got a frog splash with a two count.

Omega took control again with a V-trigger, but Swann dodged the One-Winged Angel. Another V-Trigger set Swann up for an avalanche One-Winged Angel, but Swann countered that, too. Still, two of Omega’s famous snap dragon suplexes floored Swann.

Omega dodged a handspring cutter, and Swann hit Hebner with it instead. Edwards entered the ring while Omega got a chair. The AEW official stopped Omega from using the chair, and the disagreement gave Swann enough room to drop Omega with a handspring cutter.

Omega dodged a Phoenix Splash, hit a V-trigger and suplexed Swann. A Jay-Driller earned Omega a two count. Omega delivered another nasty V-trigger and taunted Edwards and Mack at ringside before blasting Swann again.

Swann persevered and suplexed Omega, but one final V-trigger and the One-Winged Angel earned Omega the victory.

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IMPACT Wrestling Rebellion was a historic pay-per-view that featured an unprecedented title unification match as its main event. Overall, the entire card was filled with exciting matches that delivered and fun surprises that left fans on the edge of their seats.

We break it all down, from Kenny Omega’s title win to W. Morrissey’s debut and everything in between: