Mickie James On ‘Care Package’ Incident: I’m Sorry People Got Fired, But I’m Glad I Could Improve The Business

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Photo Credit: WWE

Mickie James has issued a statement on the controversary surrounding the “care package” incident.

In a lengthy tweet, James expressed her perspective on the matter by stating that she doesn’t enjoy the fact that people got fired for the matter, but she was encouraged by her ability to ensure that the disrespectful action isn’t replicated toward another talent. James stated that she believes the McMahons weren’t aware of the situation beforehand, and she emphasized that her personal growth has allowed her to know that the insulting “care package” wasn’t a personal attack. Here, she acknowledged Stephanie McMahon’s tweet in response to the controversy.

Finally, James also made it clear that she would be satisfied if this situation is her final mark on WWE because her ultimate goal is to improve the business however she can.

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