Kurt Angle’s Olympic Gold Medal Is Now Stored In A Safe After His Kids Dented It

kurt angle

Photo Credit: Bill Pritchard

Kurt Angle‘s Olympic gold medal is certainly getting some wear and tear.

Angle was asked about where he keeps his gold medal on the “Ask Kurt Anything” episode of his podcast this week and the former Olympian revealed that it’s kept in a safe to protect it from further damage. Angle said it’s actually locked in a safe because his kids dented it, and the gold has been wearing off from years of handling.

“Well, I had an incident with my kids, where they threw the medal into the wall and part of it got dented, so I keep it in my safe. So, no more kid-time with the medal. I used to take it on appearances and show people, but the gold started wearing off. Believe it or not, a gold medal is not really gold,” Angle explained, “it’s silver. Yes, it’s gold plated silver. They’re too cheap to make it solid gold, so, I just wanna throw that in there. So, ya know, I have to get it re-dipped in gold and keep it in my safe until I do it.”

One other “revelation” Angle shared was how he got around publicly while traveling during his SmackDown GM run that saw him with a broken leg. During that time, Angle appeared in a wheelchair on TV, but he had to use crutches to feign the injury and said it was a hassle to keep up kayfabe.

“I had to put a knee brace on and walk around with crutches. I didn’t have a wheelchair. I had to go through the airports, I had to take my knee brace off through security, put my crutches on the belt and it was just a pain in the ass but I had to do it. I couldn’t break kayfabe. I had to do it during the time that I was GM.”

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