Chris Adonis: It Only Makes Sense For Bobby Lashley To Use The Master Lock

Chris Adonis

Image Credit: NWA

NWA National Champion and former WWE superstar Chris Adonis (FKA Chris Masters) thinks it only makes sense for WWE Champion Bobby Lashley to use The Masterlock.

The 38-year old spoke with Chris Van Vliet to discuss his thoughts on Lashley using his old finishing move:

“I’ve talked to MVP about this. It only makes sense. If anybody is going to use the full Nelson, the guy who broke it and a guy who is a physical force like Bobby Lashley. It only makes sense. It’s funny when he first started using it. All the mentions of people saying ‘That’s The Master Lock, not The Hurt Lock.’ I’d be lying if I didn’t say it didn’t create an opportunity, even if it was small. You know, whose got the best Full Nelson in professional wrestling. But it has been 10 years, and finishers are recycled in less time than that. But for no one to use the Full Nelson for 10 years. But yeah, Master Lock vs. Hurt Lock, that makes sense.”

On a possible WWE return, Adonis seemed open to the possibility, but noted that he feels ‘exiled’ from the company:

“I’ve been out of the company since 2011. I’d love to come back for a Royal Rumble or something like that. I mean you never say never. I feel like they could potentially reach out again at some point. But I’m kind of at the point where at this point I feel like I have been exiled to a certain point. We’ve seen it happen in the past. Like I said, never say never, they could reach out to me for something. I’ve just kind of taken it off my list of goals at this point. I’m focusing on the NWA and my education. It would be an exciting thing, but when you haven’t been reached out to in that period of time, it feels like that’s it.”

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