Charlotte Flair Loses To Asuka, Attacks Referee

Charlotte Flair returns

Image credit: WWE

Charlotte Flair and Asuka faced off in the main event of WWE  RAW this week and in a match that Flair desperately wanted to win, things unfortunately fell apart.

In a match that saw two of the top female superstars in WWE battle it out, the match was competitive from from the start. Both Asuka and Flair were able to get some big hits in, including a moment where Asuka landed a huge dropkick that she followed up with a pop-up knee. But Flair persevered and found ways to survive anything that Asuka threw at her right up until the end.

Toward the end of the match, WWE RAW Women’s Rhea Ripley (who was watching from the commentary table) got involved in the match. Right as Flair landed a huge chop block on Asuka, Ripley yanked Flair’s arms from the ropes. This conflict distracted Flair and allowed Asuka to roll her up for the surprising win.

After the match, though, Flair was enraged, and she took her frustrations out on the referee. Flair began to assault the referee that officiated the match, and a a whole crew of officials stopped the attack as the show came to an end.

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