WWE RAW Results (4/19/21)

Backstage, McIntyre finds Adam Pearce. McIntyre demands a match with Mace and T-Bar. Pearce says he can make the match but McIntyre needs to get a partner.

The Viking Raiders vs. Shelton Benjamin and Cedric Alexander

Benjamin and Alexander work over Erik. Erik manages to tag in Ivar, who drops Alexander with a  sidewalk slam. Benjamin blasts Ivar with a running knee. Ivar kicks out. Benjamin traps Ivar in the corner. Benjamin and Alexander take turns working over Ivar. Erik gets the hot tag. Erik and Ivar hit the Viking Experience for the win.

Winners- The Viking Raiders

Backstage, Randy Orton says The Fiend will never be seen again because of him. Orton says all he wants is the WWE Championship. Riddle Rides in on his scooter and annoyed everyone in earshot. Riddle asks Orton to tag with him. They can call themselves RK-Bro. Orton walks away.

After the break, Orton tells Pearce he’s tired of being disrespected. He wants the blond kid who doesn’t wear shoes in the ring tonight. Pearce says he will see what he can do.

In-Ring Segment: Charlotte Flair

Flair says last week she didn’t mean to hurt anyone’s feelings. She is just unapologetically her. Flair says the ladies in the back claim to hate her but they are so fake they actually hate each other more. Flair says she can beat Ripley and Asuka on the same night. Flair says she respects Asuka but that doesn’t mean she has to like her. Asuka power walks to the ring. Before Asuka can say anything Rhea Ripley interrupts. Flair tells Ripley that she should have a seat and watch what she does to Asuka. Asuka keeps trying to talk but Flair keeps telling her to shut up. Asuka yells, “Charlotte, I’ll beat you, bitch!”

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