Mikey Whipwreck’s Trademark ECW Attire Happened By Accident, But It’s Cool To See How Influential It Was

mikey whipwreck

Mikey Whipwreck was known for his accolades and his colorful attire in ECW, and it turns out that the latter happened by accident.

Prior to his Monday Night Virtual signing, Mikey Whipwreck recently spoke with WrestleZone about his famous ECW attire that consisted of a rotation of Liquid Blue branded shirts. Noting that the shirts cycle around every few years, Whipwreck said the shirts happened by accident, but they’ve become so popular that some fans mistakenly thought Whipwreck himself was selling them.

“It was a complete accident. A buddy of mine got that shirt for me for Christmas and I would just wear it around. And when Paul E. asked me if I wanted to wrestle, I had no gear, I had nothing. So, I borrowed shorts from Don E. Allen, wore sneakers in the ring and I pulled that shirt out of my bag and go ‘well, this’ll be alright.’ Didn’t wanna wear another shirt because I was tiny…back then I was tiny, not so much anymore. But, yeah, it was just one of those things and Paul E. said ‘I like the shirt,’ and I said ‘OK’ and I just kept wearing it. After a while I got some different ones—I liked their stuff before I was even wrestling I just like their shirts—it’s funny too because back in the day people were making fun of me for liking Dungeons & Dragons, which I don’t,” he explained, “but they thought I did because of the shirt and now people think that it’s cool.

‘Oh, I know that shirt, that’s the Mikey shirt,’ which is cool and there’s a bunch of other ones but the other one’s they know are the Overload shirt which is the same one that Brian Pillman would wear and I would always smile when I would think of that because I gave him his first ‘Overload’ shirt,” Whipwreck explained. “He said that it was the coolest shirt so I gave him one but he put it on, he liked it, he thought it was cool and then I’m assuming he got one because the one I seen in pictures is different but he started wearing it in WWE.”

Whipwreck noted that he recently posted about the shirts but once they sold out, fans would message him and ask what to do. Noting that he has no ties to the company, he said fans need to contact the company directly, but it’s a nice feeling to know that he’s been an influence on that level.

So I posted it and every time I post about them, they get a bump in sales which is cool and it’s like I have a little power somewhere,” Whipwreck said, “but he sent me a care package of like seven shirts so now I’m loaded up now with some Liquid Blue shirts again. I posted about it and it sold out. They print a bunch of them and I posted a picture of it and mentioned that Liquid Blue was selling it. People message me and ask me what should they do because Liquid Blue was sold out and I’m like ‘uh, I don’t know, contact Liquid Blue?'”

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Check out the full interview with Mikey Whipwreck below. The full schedule for upcoming Monday Night Virtual signings (as well as items fans can purchase for each individual signing) can be seen at this link. Erick Rowan (aka Erick Redbeard) and Fred Rosser (aka Darren Young) will be featured on the live stream signing on Monday, May 17.