WWE’s Reported Plans For Pat McAfee As Commentator On SmackDown

Pat McAfee

Pat McAfee (Credit WWE)

Pat McAfee was up to something last week and many fans speculated that he could possibly be making his return to football in some capacity, but it ended up being an announcement that would alter the professional wrestling industry. Pat McAfee was named the permanent color commentator for the most watched program in pro wrestling, WWE SmackDown, alongside Michael Cole.

Justin Barrasso of Sports Illustrated got the inside scoop on the current plans for Pat at the announce desk along with just how bad Pat wanted this opportunity. It was revealed that Pat McAfee actually wanted the opportunity more than WWE. This platform is an opportunity McAfee has been trying to secure for a long time. The timing of the announcement was reportedly in no way affiliated with the mass releases just the day before.

When it comes to creative control, the plan is let Pat McAfee be himself, at least for now, with limited creative control. WWE wants to avoid over-producing him since McAfee is a well known personality that knows how to handle himself on air. He will also continue to work on his other projects, including his podcast, while serving as an announcer. He recently announced the introduction of a mobile studio that will allow him to travel with WWE and continue to produce his show on a daily basis.

McAfee received mostly positive reviews after his first week at the announce table, and it will be interesting to see how well McAfee adjusts to the role along with how much WWE implements creative control over him. McAfee joined the SmackDown announce table once before in November 2019 after a majority of the WWE roster was stuck in Saudi Arabia.

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