Chelsea Green Says She Waited Weeks To Have A 30 Minute Conversation With Vince McMahon

chelsea green

Photo Credit: WWE

WWE Superstars that were recently released have begun speaking out and Chelsea Green was the latest as she recently sat down with Sean Ross Sapp of Fightful to discuss her release.

Chelsea said she sat outside of Vince McMahon’s office for weeks and even slept in the WWE ThunderDome just to attempt to get Vince’s attention. Chelsea said, “I think I sat outside Vince’s office for four weeks. So, I sat outside Vince’s office with Santana Garrett and Danielle Kamela for a couple of weeks and then on my own for a couple of weeks. I stayed there. I actually slept at Amway. I brought my sleeping bag and a protein shake.”

Green said after weeks of waiting, she was able to meet with some writers and then eventually get Vince’s attention. She said, “I was able to meet with a couple of writers, but I never got to meet with Vince for that four weeks of waiting, which you know, again, COVID, obviously, totally fine. And once that idea was done, and there were no ideas, I went again and waited for three weeks, and then I think on the third or fourth week, he ended being able to see me, which was the best thing ever for my career. He sat down, and we probably had a 30-minute chat.”

Vince willingly discussed her pitched creative plans, writing them all down and telling her which ones she thought would work and which ones would not work. She said “He asked who I was in terms of who do I want to be presented as, and I told him, you know, I’ve probably pitched 15-20 ideas, and he said, ‘Okay, give them to me. Pitch them to me.’ And I pitched every single 15 ideas to him; he wrote them all down. We talked about each one. We talked about what ones would work and what wouldn’t. You know, he asked me why I thought certain things would work and why I thought certain things wouldn’t, and two weeks later, I was in that Survivor Series qualifying match.”

Chelsea praised McMahon and his willingness to listen, acknowledging that he is so busy that it can be hard to make time to see him. Green said, “It went very well, you know. Who knows, on his end, what he thought of me, but I left with such a positive vibe about the thing and relaying the meeting to Matt, you know, I realized how lucky I was to get such a long sit-down with Vince McMahon. People just don’t get that.”

You can see the entire interview via Fightful Select. Thanks to Sportskeeda for providing transcriptions of the interview.

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