Seth Rollins Attacks Cesaro During Match With Jey Uso, Vows Revenge

seth rollins

Photo Credit: WWE

Cesaro started tonight’s episode of SmackDown with a challenge issued to Roman Reigns. However, at the end of a bout against Jey Uso in the main event, Cesaro’s moment was ruined. Seth Rollins attacked his rival and vowed to get revenge for his WrestleMania 37 defeat.

After challenging Roman Reigns to a match tonight, Cesaro was instead given a chance to face Uso. Despite having insults hurled at him from Paul Heyman and Uso himself, Cesaro still looked primed to come away with a win. The Swiss Cyborg survived multiple near falls from Uso and finally seemed like he he was on the edge of victory when he swung his opponent around.

But Rollins chose that exact moment to interfere. Just as Uso was being swung around the ring, “The Messiah” floored Cesaro by attacking him from behind. He quickly broke up the match, causing it to end with a disqualification. He left Cesaro lying, and while the fan-favorite stumbling to regain his footing, Rollins screamed from the ramp that Cesaro got lucky at WrestleMania 37. He yelled that things weren’t over between the two of them to end the show.

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