Georgia Smith On British Bulldog’s ‘WWE Icons’ Documentary: ‘I Wanted It To Be As Real And As Genuine As Possible’

WWE is planning an upcoming edition of their WWE: Icon series and a future installment will feature the legendary British Bulldog, Davey Boy Smith. Smith’s daughter Georgia spoke with Spencer Love of Love Wrestling about her father’s upcoming documentary.

On being a part of the documentary herself:

“They picked the Icons for it, and I remember that Terry Funk was originally supposed to be in it. They just wanted to just cover Davey’s life, really,” said Smith.” I always wanted to do a documentary on my dad, whether it was with WWE or an independent project. I’m glad it’s with WWE, because obviously they’ve got all the footage and the rights. My dad’s best career memories and greatest moments, I believe, was in WWE, so it just overall worked out. And, you know, I just talked about my memories of Davey, like my favorite – I don’t think we talked about favorite matches! I think they just asked me like what I thought of Wembley, and the European title and just his big moments. It was very therapeutic pretty much from start to finish. I was just very emotional about it. I just told the guy that was filming first thing I was like, you know, this means a lot to me and I want this to be as real and as genuine as possible. I want you and people to understand and know the man and the husband my mom had and the father I had and the wrestler that people looked up to. I want him to really shine I said because he deserves all the credit in the world. It’s super important to me to do this, because I said, I don’t know if I’m going to have this chance to to do it again. So I want I want to say as much as I can, really. So, they filmed me last, and it was very, very late. I was crying for a couple of days, because I felt like I purged a lot. I just got a lot out. I heard Harry and my mom talk, and you know, we don’t really talk about it too much. We talk about Davey, but the whole, you know…”

On her father’s original retirement plans:

“He was actually, in the autumn of 2002, he was supposed to do a tour in England,” Smith recollected. “I think he was going to be gone for like a year, if not a little less. He was going to be doing that. I think he was going to be doing a lot of events, tours, whatever shows, because that’s all he wanted to do was wrestle. [He] definitely wanted to open up a like a gym or a wrestling school, and I remember he was looking at properties. He was actually looking in Inglewood in Calgary at some spots. I know he wanted to get into film. I think I posted his headshots and his media package that he had, but he really wanted to get into that or stunt work, because he was like, ‘I’ll take the pain. I don’t care!’ Those were the top things he wanted to do. I didn’t see him really becoming like an agent or anything with WWE. I didn’t, I but I think I would see him training the people at like the Performance Center.”

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