Big E Is In A Different Mindset For WrestleMania 37, Sees An Opportunity To Show People A New Side

Big E is looking at The New Day’s situation as a positive, explaining that being on different brands is a chance for people to see what else they are capable of.

Big E was a guest on The Bump ahead of his match at WrestleMania 37 and talked about how this year’s event will be different for him. Kofi Kingston and Xavier Woods lost the RAW Tag Team Championship to AJ Styles and Omos on night one on Saturday, but Big E is looking at this as a chance to show people a new side of him on a big stage.

“This is an opportunity for me to show people a side they might not be used to. That’s what I’m excited about. This one just feels different, I’m in a different mindset for this one. Even yesterday, being there with Kofi and Woods, it’s all love, it’s jokes, it’s fun, those are my brothers,” he explained, “but tonight is going to be different. It’s a different one, and you’ll see that.”

The New Day might be on different brands, but they look at the brand split as a positive and explain it as being able to expand their brand on two shows. Big E says he hoped for a different result in the tag match, but they are proving why they can branch out on their own and show they can each be on a world title level.

“Obviously I wish Kofi and Woods would have been able to retain, but you know for us, we talked about the ‘split’, the brand split being for us, it was really about being able to expand the New Day brand. All three of us are guys who are clearly capable of holding singles titles, and to me,” he said, “are capable of getting the right opportunity to be World Champions as well.

“Now, you’re getting to see us branch out a little bit and it’s not always about the three of us being in one match. We’re—like I said, I wish it went differently for Kofi and Woods,” he noted, “but it’s the first step in us showing more and more that we have a lot more to show than what you’ve seen.”

Big E defends his Intercontinental Championship in a Nigerian Drum Fight on night two of WrestleMania 37 in Tampa. This not only marks his first WrestleMania match since WrestleMania 34 in New Orleans, but this will also be Big E’s first singles match at the “Show Of Shows”.

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