Omos Dominates In Debut, Wins WWE RAW Tag Team Titles

AJ Styles Omos WWE

Image Credit: WWE

AJ Styles and Omos took to the ring tonight at WrestleMania 37 to face off against the New Day for the WWE RAW Tag Team Championships. Despite Styles struggling, he and Omos won after the latter entered and utterly dominated the match. 

Throughout most of the beginning of the match, both Kofi Kingston and Xavier Woods’ plan was focused on preventing AJ Styles from tagging Omos in. They succeeded for a majority of the match, going to extraordinary lengths to stop him from allowing the giant that Omos is from tagging in. However, Styles eventually escaped and was able to tag his partner in, and things went south immediately. 

After Omos was tagged in, he was simply too big and strong for Kingston and Woods to do anything against. Omos absorbed kicks, punches, and splashes from the New Day, before cracking Woods over his knee and delivering a nasty powerbomb to Kingston. Omos didn’t struggle at all in his dominance, and he won the match for Styles and himself by pinning Kingston with one foot. 

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