Cesaro Swings Seth Rollins 23 Times, Gets His WrestleMania Moment

Cesaro WrestleMania 37

Image Credit: WWE

Cesaro had the biggest singles match of his career against Seth Rollins at WrestleMania 37.

The match started off with Cesaro looking for the swing, but Rollins grabbed the rope and got out of it. Cesaro would hit a corkscrew springboard uppercut and then landed a huge knee to Rollins. “The Architect” managed to battle back into the match by targeting Cesaro’s arm and hit a huge Falcon Arrow for a two count.

Cesaro almost got the swing again, but Rollins was able to counter the move twice. Rollins would miss his Curb Stomp and then Cesaro finally hit the swing. Rollins would go on a ride for nine rotations before the arm of Cesaro started to bother him. Rollins would get out of a sharpshooter by reaching the rope. Cesaro would go for the Neutralizer, but Rollins was able to get out of it and then hit Cesaro with a flying knee and a slingblade.

Rollins would go to the top rope and hit an amazing corkscrew splash for a two count. Shortly after that, Cesaro would hit the Neutralizer for a two count of his own. Rollins would counter a second Neutralizer with a Pedigree, but Cesaro managed to kick out at the last millisecond. Rollins mocked his opponent saying he’s avoided all of his moves and that he’s a god. Rollins then went for another stomp but it was countered with a huge European Uppercut.

Cesaro would lift Rollins and hit an airplane spin that became a UFO after he stopped using his arms. Cesaro then hit another swing, which went for an incredible 23 times. After a Neutralizer, Cesaro got a three count and his WrestleMania singles moment.

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