Vladimir The Superfan Presented With WWE Award; Documentary Coming This Summer

Vladimir The Superfan

Image Credit: WWE

Vladimir The Superfan is back in WWE and in a big way. Triple H welcomed a more than familiar face at ringside to the WrestleMania festivities this weekend in Tampa Bay as Vladimir Abouzeide back into fold with his very own award and his very own upcoming documentary. Hunter Tweeted out the following as he and Stephanie McMahon stood next to the legend himself.

“What better way to welcome back the WWE Universe at #WrestleMania than naming Vladimir our first-ever officially-certified superfan!!!!”

WWE Network also Tweeted out a preview of an upcoming documentary called Superfan: The Story of Vladimir, which is set to release in full this summer.

“Superfan: The Story of Vladimir tells the life story of Vladimir Abouzeide, one of the most devoted fans in WWE history … and it arrives on Peacock TV in the U.S. and WWE Network everywhere else this summer.”

Abouzeide was a ringside stalwart specifically in New York City during the 1980s and onward. The above documentary talks about how Vlad was near celebrity status due to his many appearances at events and happened to be pro-WWE during the Monday Night Wars era. Superfan will also feature interviews from stars recounting how much Vladimir epitomized WWE fandom.

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