Edge: Roman Reigns Is The Samoan Me, Daniel Bryan Gives New Meaning To ‘Yes!’

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Photo Credit: WWE

Ahead of their highly anticipated Triple Threat Match at WrestleMania 37, Daniel Bryan, Edge, and Roman Reigns all took to the ring separately at tonight’s SmackDown to discuss the match. For Edge, it was a moment to claim being the blueprint for the likes of Reigns, and for Bryan it was to give new meaning to his “Yes!” chant. 

Coming out during the middle of the show, Edge – wielding a chair – sat in the ring and delivered an impassioned statement on why he believed the Triple Threat Match was unfair. Edge spoke about how his career was nearly ripped away from him, and that despite Bryan potentially facing his own final WrestleMania, Edge’s future is much more cloudy. He then sent a message to Roman Reigns, saying that his entire career was essentially the blueprint for Reigns’, going so far as to call him the “Samoan Edge.” 

For Bryan – who came out first to open the show – things were a lot more personal. Bryan said that while the word “yes” has been associated with him for some time, it should actually be “no.” This is because he’s been told “no” so often throughout his career, he said, and he plans on carrying that into his WrestleMania match. Bryan recognized he was walking into a match against two dominant stars, but still plans on coming out on top. 

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