Tony Deppen Brings The Aggression Against Tracy Williams, Enjoys Combining Genres Of Wrestling

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WrestleZone recently spoke with Tony Deppen, who picked his match against “Hot Sauce” Tracy Williams from GCW’s The Dynasty and explained what styles he tries to work into his repertoire without labeling it.

“I would easily go out and pick a match I had with ‘Hot Sauce’ Tracy Williams at GCW about a year ago, a couple of years ago. There was a lot of aggression and it was just brutal. He beat the hell out of me,” Deppen said, “but I had fun with it and I gave it back. I really emphasized my facial expressions and just the aggression that I bring.”

“That’s what I like. I don’t mind Pure wrestling—don’t get me wrong, I enjoy it—but I don’t feel like it would suit me the best if that’s what my entire demographic was based off of when I came into wrestling. I hate the term, but what I’d like to be is a ‘hybrid’ wrestler, because I like to wrestle, but then I also like to do strong style. If I want to get spotty, I can get spotty,” Deppen explained. “I try and combine it all into what I do and not just do little sections and layers of those specific genres of wrestling.”

Check out Tony’s match against Tracy Williams at GCW’s The Dynasty at this link; you can also check out some full-length matches from his career below. These matches feature some talent discussed in our interview, including the 60-minute Iron Match against Trish Adora.

Daniel Garcia vs. Tony Deppen (Discovery Gauntlet)

Beyond Wrestling “Uncharted Territory” — October 3, 2019

Chris Dickinson vs. Tony Deppen

Beyond Wrestling “Uncharted Territory” — November 14, 2019

Tony Deppen vs. Trish Adora (60-Minute Iron Match)

Beyond’s The Iron Match — February 14, 2021

You can also check out our full interview with Tony Deppen where we discuss his “BierHaus” event and how you can attend, watch or donate to talent, joining VLNCE UNLTD in Ring Of Honor, how the indie wrestling scene has progressed and more!

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BierHaus was created after unfortunate circumstances left talent without a booking—and a payday. The original event they were booked for was cancelled, and the open spot on The Showcase Of The Independents was filled by BierHaus.

If you would like to help out talent on the Tony Deppen’s BierHaus event, there is a fundraising page open for donations at this link. Proceeds from the fundraiser will be going directly to talent that was booked for the original show. BierHaus will also stream live on Saturday, April 10th on IWTV.