NXT TakeOver: Stand & Deliver Night 1 Results (4/7/21)

Gauntlet Eliminator Match (Winner Gets a Shot at The North American Championship): Swerve Scott vs, Leon Ruff vs. Bronson Reed vs. Dexter Lumis vs. LA night vs. Cameron Grimes vs. Dexter Lumis

The match started during the break. Swerve and Ruff are the first competitors to enter the match. Swerve suplexes Ruff on the barricade. Swerve hits a nasty dropkick to the prone Ruff. Swerve sends Ruff to the announce desk but Ruff leaps on the desk and hits a corkscrew cutter. Ruff rolls Swerve in the ring but only gets a near fall. Swerve suplexes Ruff on the top rope. Swerve tries to powerbomb Ruff off the top but  Ruff reverses it into a ranna.

Bronson Reed is next. Swerve tries to dive onto Reed as he walks towards the ring but Reed catches him. Reed tosses Swerve back in the ring at Ruff but Ruff ducks to avoid it. Reed sits on Ruff, twice. Reed German Suplexes Ruff and Swerve at the same time. Cameron Grimes is next. Grimes hits a moonsault on Reed. Grimes hands Swerve a stack of cash to team up with him. Swerve happily takes the money.

Dexter Lumis is out next. As Lumis is making his way to the ring, Swerve pins Ruff in the ring.

Leon Ruff has been eliminated

As Lumis is walking to the ring, Lumis DDT Reed on the ramp. Grimes runs away from Lumis. Scott suplexes everyone left in the ring. Lumis and Reed face off. Reed and Lumis trade strikes. Reed gets sent out of the ring. Lumis clotheslines Grimes over the top.

LA Knight is out next. Knight talks his way to the ring. Reed attacks him from behind. After the break, Lumis locks Grimes in Silence. Knight grabs Lumis’ legs and flips him into a pin. Knight pins Lumis while he is trying to submit Grimes.

Dexter Lumis has been eliminated

Knight gloats but eats a nasty boot from Swerve. Grimes hits a spinning sidewalk slam. Reed flattens Knight with a Senton. Reed pins Knight.

LA Knight has been eliminated

Grimes tosses Swerve to Reed. While Reed is holding Swerve, Grimes Superkicks him. Reed falls on top of Grimes and Swerve. Everyone trades strikes. Grimes hits the collision course on Reed. Swerve his running kick on Grimes. Swerve rolls up Grimes with a hand full of tights for the pin.

Cameron Grimes has been eliminated

Reed runs over Swerve. Reed goes up top. Swerve kicks Reed in the head. Swerve pulls Reed off the top and powerslams him on the apron!! Swerve sends Reed back into the ring. Swerve hits a 450 off the top. Reed somehow kicks out. Swerve hits Swerve’s House again. Reed sits up and tells him to do it again. So Swerve obliges. Swerve tries again but Reed grabs him by the throat. Swerve kicks Reed in the gut and hits another House Call. Reed kicks out again. Reed and Swerve trade slaps. Reed hits the Dead Eye! Reed crushes Swerve with the Tsunami for the win!

Winner- Bronson Reed

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