Joey Ryan Criticizes AEW: It’s Clear Tony Khan ‘Isn’t Some Women’s Advocate’

Joey Ryan

Photo Credit: Bill Pritchard

Despite having multiple sexual harassment allegations against him, wrestler turned Christian baseball fan Joey Ryan isn’t sure why All Elite Wrestling owner Tony Khan doesn’t like him.

“Between booking [Mike] Tyson and allowing SCU to wear Kobe jerseys on TV, it’s pretty clear he isn’t some women’s advocate,” Ryan said on Twitter. “It must be personal against me. I just don’t know what I did to personally irk him. Maybe my vocal disapproval of his intergender [wrestling] to [domestic violence] comparison? Only he knows.”

As Ryan mentions, Khan has previously been hesitant about putting on intergender wrestling matches. “I’m really against domestic violence, and I’m not saying that it is, but it’s a really complex question. It’s probably something that we’re not going to do, we will focus on the men’s division, and a women’s division,” said Khan in 2019.

More recently, Khan pulled all AEW talent from an ill-fated wrestling event with Ryan on it that was going to allegedly raise money for women’s charities. “If Joey Ryan is there, my people won’t be there,” Khan said on Twitter. “I’ll gladly donate to the charity though.”

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