Mark Henry Wants One More Match Before He Fully Retires, Names WALTER As A Potential ‘Hall Of Pain’ Candidate

mark henry

Photo by: Evans Vestal Ward/NBCUniversal/NBCU Photo Bank via Getty Images

Mark Henry wants to put WALTER in the Hall Of Pain, but that’s WALTER’s call to make.

Henry was a surprise guest on BT Sport’s Run-In show and said that WALTER is a future world champion in WWE, and he’s one of the names he’d step back in the ring to face.

“I feel like WALTER is the cream of the crop. I think WALTER should be a World Champion in the next two or three years. It’s all up to him. If he stays healthy and he wants to get better, like—you will see WALTER as a World Champion.”

When the host asked if a UK Championship match with WALTER would bring him out of retirement, Henry said he does want one more match and WALTER is one of the names he’d consider.

“Maybe. I want to have one more match before I completely say I’m never going to wrestle again, and WALTER is one of those guys that may need to be put in the Hall of Pain,” Henry said, “to be tempered by the fire that could make him a champion.”

Henry responded to the host’s remarks about Henry making the challenge, noting that right now it’s a fantasy match and he still has his boots, but WALTER would have to make the call himself.

“I’m saying that I think that would be a good fantasy warfare match. If it happens, then it would be because WALTER called me out. Because he’s an active, current talent, it’s not up to me.”

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