Triple H: People Will Initially Complain About Anything, But Peacock Will Be A Good Thing Long-Term For Everybody

triple h

Photo Credit: WWE

Triple H says people will initially complain about anything, even bacon. 

Triple H was a guest on Barstool Sports’ Pardon My Take and was asked about the migration over to “The ‘Cock” and how it’s gone so far. HHH said he’s loved being on the app so far and knows people just want to complain since it’s different, but people will complain about almost anything now.

Hosts Dan “Big Cat” Katz, and PFT Commenter joked that dessert and bacon was safe, Triple H replied that people still probably bitch about bacon too. “They have some kind of complaint about it right away. ‘Ahh, the bacon’s cooked too much.’”

“I’m of the opinion that no matter what you do, people are going to get in their initial take on it, their initial thought is to question or criticize. Nothing is perfect, and it’s the first iteration, [so] there will be a lot of changes made,” Triple H said. “We’re aware of the things they had to get through. The transition was fast, you have to migrate a ton of content. People don’t understand how much content there actually is on the WWE Network that needs to migrate over to Peacock. That’s happening now and it’s a work in progress.”

“It’s great that people like the WWE Network so much that they’re concerned about where it’s going, but I think in short order we’ll get there. I think people will get excited and I think this will be a great thing for people long-term. For the same as what you were paying before [with WWE Network], you’re getting a lot more content and a lot more alternative stuff [with Peacock]. I think it will be a good thing long-term for everybody.”

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