Will Ospreay Issues Challenge To Drew McIntyre And CM Punk, Declares Himself The Greatest British Wrestler Ever

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Photo Credit: New Japan Pro-Wrestling

Will Ospreay has reached the top of the mountain in New Japan, and now he wants to square off with two of the biggest names in the world.

Ospreay took part in a press conference after winning the IWGP World Heavyweight Championship at NJPW Sakura Genesis and ended up challenging Drew McIntyre and CM Punk to try and come take his title. Ospreay’s first title defense will be against Shingo Takagi at New Japan’s Wrestling Dontaku on May 4, but he said he would “like to test myself” against fellow Brit McIntyre, and CM Punk.

“I would like to test myself against one of the other people that calls themselves the greatest British wrestler that ever lived. A man that held the WWE World Championship, Drew McIntyre, said that if there was ever a chance, the United States visa was approved. I would love to have a IWGP World Heavyweight Championship versus WWE World Heavyweight Champion, between two British men, and find out who the best wrestler is between them.

“And not only that, but before I was the IWGP World Heavyweight Champion, a man who sparked a whole industry of getting the wrestling world interested in him named CM Punk, was interested in facing Will Ospreay. Well now I have the biggest prize in pro wrestling, so if you really are wanting to prove to yourself that you’re the Best In The World—in my opinion, it was probably best of the bad bunch—come over to here and come take this [title] because no one’s going to be able to take this from me.”

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