Beth Phoenix Got ‘Glamazon’ Name After Watching HBO’s ‘Sex In The City’

Beth Phoenix

Photo Credit: Getty Images

WWE legend Beth Phoenix recently discussed her ‘Glamazon’ nickname on her WWE Network documentary series, speaking on where she got the idea from.

Beth said, “I had to start over. I was looking for a way to repackage myself and catch everyone’s attention again like I had the first time. They knew I could wrestle, I needed something more. I was watching Sex and the City and I heard the term ‘Glamazon’ used and was like, ‘That would make a fabulous moniker. I got a phone call that said, ‘You’re going back on the road,’ and it never stopped. I started creating the tiara look to stand out, to have one item that would brand me amongst the women. It was my Bret Hart sunglasses.”

She also talked a little about the influence that Chyna had on her career. Beth said, “When Chyna came on the scene, I was just enamored. I’d seen female bodybuilders before, but Chyna was more than that. She was an athlete. She had that star power alongside all the men. It was just a light-bulb for me, and I was inspired like hell by Chyna. Anytime Chyna had a feature anywhere, I was scooping up fitness magazines to unlock those secrets of ‘how did she get that strength? How did she get that body?’ I want to be like that. So in my own mind, in my own journey of how I’m going to make it to WWE, I said, ‘I got to start with the wrestling team.”

You can see the complete ‘WWE Icons: Beth Phoenix’ series on Peacock & WWE Network right now. Thanks to Fightful for providing transcriptions.

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