Logan Paul Accepts Sami Zayn’s WrestleMania 37 Invite, KO Crashes Trailer Premiere

Image Credit: WWE

Tonight’s episode of Friday Night SmackDown saw Sami Zayn bring YouTube sensation Logan Paul out to watch the debut of his documentary trailer. Instead, Kevin Owens crashed the party, assaulting his friend in the process.

With Logan Paul out in the ring with Zayn, the superstar began by thanking Paul for coming, and promptly invited him to be his guest at WrestleMania 37 as well, to which Paul accepted. Afterwards, it was time for the trailer, which featured Zayn talking about his conspiracy, as well as a ton of other popular conspiracies including Flat Earth, UFOs, and more.

After the trailer had ended, Logan Paul seemed a bit confused, and said it was a lot to take in. He then said that Kevin Owens approached him backstage and said that Zayn was seeing things that wasn’t there. Zayn took offense to that, but before he could say more, Owens came out of nowhere to attack him, hitting him with a Stunner in front of a shocked Paul.

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