Jim Ross’ Advice For WWE Talent Looking To Prove Themselves To Vince McMahon: ‘Change The Way You’re Perceived’

Jim Ross

Photo Credit: Thomas Tischio / AEW

We got some high-quality “red ass” Jim Ross on this week’s episode of Grilling JR as the voice of AEW spoke some honesty to any talent that are struggling to showcase themselves under Vince McMahon.

JR and co-host Conrad Thompson were talking of McMahon’s candidness towards Paul Wight during his time in WWE that he was just there to only get younger guys over. This compelled Ross to talk how Vince’s honesty should motivate talent to step up their game.

“Change the perception. Change the way you’re perceived,” JR said before referencing his own experience with McMahon.

“Change his mind. You think he loved me from day one with my southern accent and these little fat cheeks here? Probably not. I made him like me because of my work. Consistent hard work and I got his talents over and so, yeah, it’s just a matter of ‘Do something about it, man.'” Ross is not all about stars having a pity party for themselves.

“It’s bullshit. ‘Poor me.’ The world’s getting tired of ‘poor me,'” he said. “I look at people that knock me, which I don’t give a shit if they knock me or not. I’ve been knocked for years, even by my boss at the time (not now, but then). So do something about it or lay down and let them kick ya some more. Be a wuss. What the hell are you going to do about it? I was an athlete of a small scale, but by God, my coaches never worried about me quitting or not giving effort. If I had a bad game, I’m gonna make it better the next game because I’m gonna correct my mistakes whether I believe my mistakes are right or wrong or warranted or not, I’m gonna correct them and I don’t see that attitude universally utilized in today’s wrestling world.”

“I like that when that red ass JR sets the record straight for us,” Conrad added.

Transcription credit should go to @DominicDeAngelo of WrestleZone.

You can tune into the full episode of Grilling JR below:

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